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The Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy brings out two editions per academic year. Before our editing phase, we are looking for submissions. We would like to invite you, a course teacher, to nominate the best papers (or papers with large potential) that have been written for the course(s) that you have taught at the Erasmus School of Philosophy and/or EUC. You can also nominate Bachelor or Master theses.


NOTE: we are currently accepting submissions! Please nominate papers.
There is no limit on the number of submissions per course. If you have a paper that you think would be eligible for publication in the ESJP, please proceed as follows:

Step 1: Ask the author of the paper if he/she would be willing to:
    (a) publish the paper in the ESJP, and;
    (b) revise the paper on the basis of feedback provided by our reviewers.
Step 2: If the author accepts these conditions, please send his/her paper to, using your email address and put the author on CC.
We will contact the author if his/her paper is selected for publication. Submissions are anonymized and then reviewed by ESJP editors and (a) faculty staff member(s).
On behalf of the ESJP editorial board,
Georgina Aránzazu Dijkstra (Editor-in-Chief) and Caspar Smink (Secretary)

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