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ESJP X Students- for- students 


Better education for students, by students!

Students-for-Students (S4S) is part of the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI), which was founded to ensure our university offers education to a new generation of students, which is catered to their needs. 

S4S stimulates and facilitates students’ projects which contribute to improving the quality of education for students. The S4S Support Platform provides the ESJP with professional advice, practical support, as well as financial support. 

The overarching goal of S4S is to support students in the scope of EUR Strategy 2024 (, which consists of 7 pillars set up to have a solid foundation of shared values and a clear mission: creating positive societal impact. 

S4S is an important partner of the ESJP, who help us to realize our goal of making Philosophy more accessible to all students, and helping students to prepare themselves for later academic work. The papers we publish are important and original contributions. We strongly believe that next to our authors and editors, also everyone who reads our journal, students from all disciplines as well as staff members, benefits from these outstanding works. 

Our unique and inherently interdisciplinary concept is in line with the pillars of the EUR strategy 2024 ( By preparing students for working within and understanding the academic world, we are contributing to a future-oriented education. Our editors test out what it is like to work within the academic world, and those who achieved a publication in the EJSP receive a clear advantage on the job market. Moreover, our readers benefit by receiving the nuanced, and carefully worked out arguments in the papers we publish. The topics of the publications often concern critical societal issues (e.g. freedom in religious education). We are making philosophy more accessible to everyone and firmly believe that this has a strong positive societal impact. 

Interested? Learn more about Students- for- students here !

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