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Hello everyone,

The 21st edition of the Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy (ESJP) is now available! The ESJP publishes the best philosophical papers, written by your peer-students. The authors of this issue are Sebastian Cincelli, Arwen Vonck, and Nathalie Maria Kirch. We hope that their work will be of inspiration. You can find the latest edition (and the previous ones) here: https://www.eur.nl/en/esphil/about-us/esjp or visit our website at www.esjp.nl

The latest edition is also included in this blogpost as a PDF.

Enjoy reading!

On behalf of the editorial board,

Georgina Aránzazu Dijkstra (Editor-in-chief)

Jeroen de Vries (Secretary)

edition #21
Download PDF • 646KB

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